Writer & editor on healthcare & cycle sport

Teaching and speaking

Sharing knowledge and steering discussions

I'm a writer who also enjoys nattering. So I'm always pleased to have the opportunity to teach or speak about my areas of expertise. To that end, I deliver training and mentorship on editorial skills; teach clients about specific aspects of the NHS, whether through face-to-face presentations or written material; and chair webinars and other such events.

Notable projects

Special skills

  • A friendly manner, a good sense of humour, and a thorough understanding of the complexities of the public sector and of creating engaging editorial about it
  • Extensive experience of interviewing individuals, including for video content
  • A voice which a teacher once told me would be ideal for hosting for The Shipping Forecast. (I like to think he meant it was clear, calm and authoritative. I think you have to be when you're telling people about gales.)